Google Android Device Manager Delete Device

How to Delete the Unused Google Android Device Manager

Google Android device manager delete service – Many of us may often wonder how we can delete devices rooted from our Android system which are unused. Undeniably, such devices tend to spend more RAM while they are actually not intended at all. The real answer is there is no any official way. Once you already have those devices, it means you have to keep them there even forever. However, you should not worry, there are still some other ways you can try to delete and remove them. It still depends on the type of Android and Smartphone itself of course. Just check them out.

Google Android device manager delete device

Visiting the Play Store

Google Play Store may be only known as a place where you can find your favorite apps. More than that, it is able as well to find out the Google Android device manager delete device. First of all, you sure need to directly go to the Google Pay Store available on your Smartphone’s screen. Then, just touch the gear icon placed on the top and right corner.

There will be some options appeared in which you only need to select the Setting option. Next, this will bring you to a sort of page namely “My Device” where the lists of all types of Smartphone are available. Try to find out the “Unnamed Device” that provides all the information related to your phone. There is also another box titled “Show in Menus” which is the other name of your default programs. If you are intended to delete the device you don’t want, you can remove the check of the box and finally you will not see the app in te menu.

Visiting Google Security

The method explained above let you remove or delete the devices yourself. However, the security is still questioned anyway. It is because all of those default devices are likely meant to be there. Therefore, trying to remove them even with the way described in the previous point is still considered as risky. It probably works properly on some kinds of devices.

However, they are probably not for the others. Based on that fact, you should also try this way. It is by visiting the Google Security. You may firstly go to the Setting and then sign in to the Google Account page. The activity of removing device is probably not allowed. But if you are lucky, you can do the Google Android device manager delete device more safely.


Google Device Manager Remove Device

Why Use the Android Device Manager?

Had you wonder about what if you had lost your Smartphone? Some peoples had this experiences and how if this thing happen to you? If you are Android users and you will get simple answer from that questions. You can use the Android Device Manager for your best solution. You may already know about Android Device Manager, but you may not use it, why?

The data’s shown that the Android has over than one billion users and the peoples who use this Android Device Manager is between 10-50 million. Forget about the number, this is because the Android Device Manager has several features that really worth for you. You may also curious about Google device manager remove device and how to do it. You can remove the device that you do not need to use through your gouge account site then you can remove the devices that you want.

Google device manager remove device

Several reasons why use the Android Device Manager.

1.     The lock

This is the first and important thing, how if you lose your phone or you just simply forget. You can find your phone or maybe not. The first thing that you want to do is locking up your phone. So, that your data is safe and anyone can touch it. This is the features that allow you to get this stuff that able to keep your data,

2.     You able to reset your PIN.

If you like to change the password quite frequently, this features so useful for you. You may need to change your PIN frequently because your friends always know your PIN and you just want to stay secure with your phone. How if you forget your PIN? This Android Device Managers will give you solution and let you to reset your PIN.

3.     You can erase all of your data.

You may worry about if someone found your phone and does not have the good intentions to give back your hone. You will be worry about all of the data inside your phone. The further things that you need to do is erase your data because it would be worse when losing your data then let someone else who does not have good intention can access your data.

4.     Locate your phone.

The Android Device Manager will track and find your phone location when you lost it or get stolen. But the Android Device Manager will locate your phone as long as connect with the Internet.


Using Smart Tools with Android Device Manager

When you had lost your Smartphone, it would be so inconvenience. This is so terrible and horrible. You may worry about your data inside your Smartphone and you will wonder about how you can find it. The more you can give effort to protect your Smartphone from lost or stolen, it would be better. With the android device, you can increase your chance to get you Smartphone back, but you should give the prevention action before the bad things happen. This is also becomes the smart device manager android that you can try.

Smart device manager android

How to ensure that your Android Device Manager is able to find your Android

The Android Device manager need 2 things before you able to find your phone. The device should have to enable the remote location, which you can find in Google setting > Android Device Manager > then you can choose the Remotely Locate this Device. If this setting had been not activate, so the Device manager is unable to find your phone or device.

The Android Device Manager also suit for table and other device. This Android Device Manager had been made by Google for 4 years and now this is suit for any modern android device through the incredible service from Google play. This is usually can be switched by the default, but you can easily to activate it in your Google setting.

How you can use this Android Device Manager?

You can access Android Device Manager into 2 ways, they are: through the Android Device Manager Applications on another device or you can use the Android Device Manager website.

After you launched the application and sign in up, the Android Device Manager will try to find your missing phone or the other device. They will send the signal and see your location on the map as long as the location can be accessed via online. Your device manager also will give you report when come to get the online location later.

You can click ring to help you to find out your phone, even your phone does not have any ring’s mode, this features also very effective to find your phone. The other feature, you can lock your phone as well. when you tap the Lock, you can enter your phone number, this is lock your phone but still allow anyone that find it and call you on this number. When you feel that you need something more secure, you can choose the Erase option that allow you to remote and wipe your phone or the other devices as well.


Share Photos Between iPhone and Android Smartphones

How to share photos from iphone to android
Howto share photos from iphone to android
How to share photos from iphone to android? Thanks to iPhone and Android smartphones because we can take and share images and photos of what’s happening around us easily. However, if we use iPhone and want to copy or transfer photos to Android, we can do it easily with any of these methods below:

Manual (Windows)

Drag-and-drop is the easiest way to transfer photos between iPhone and Android smartphones because what we need to do is just drag-and-drop the images from iPhone folder to the image folder on Android. We need a Windows PC and USB cables. We have to make sure that we have installed the device drivers so they will be detected by the PC.

If we have no use for such selectivity, we can just simply import all images on iPhone to computer in one go. From the computer we can transfer them to the Android smartphone.

Those two manual methods will help us transfering images from iPhone to Android device easily. However, these techniques will work only for images saved in iPhone’s Camera Roll while the images transferred to iPhone with iTunes will not be included. This is How to share photos from iphone to android manually and easily.

Send Anywhere app

Third party apps can also help transferring photos from iPhone to Android devices.  One of the apps is the Send Anywhere, which is a free app for both OS. This app allows us to wirelessly transfer files from Apple’s iPhone to Android or vice-versa, we do not have to physically connect devices to a PC. The files we want to send is uploaded to the cloud, which means that the app requires both phones to be connected to the Internet and must be running the app.

Via Dropbox

Dropbox also offers a convenient method for transferring images between iPhone and Android smartphones. What we need is just installing the app on both phones.The photos we want to share from iPhone must be uploaded to Dropbox account first. Then, login to Dropbox account on iPhone. We can enable the Camera Upload feature if want our newly captured photos to be automatically uploaded to the app directly. For photos that are not automatically synced to cloud-based Dropbox, we may manually upload them from our iPhone folders/albums to the Dropbox folders. So, How to share photos from iphone to android? The answer is using those mathods above.


Using the Incredible Tools with Android Device Manager

While you considering you need the certain tools that help you in many ways, you may need the Android Device Manager. Android has the incredible original tool to help you locate and remote where your phone had lost or stolen as well. This application is Android Device Manager and all of you need is Google account to set this tool in your phone and you can use for the other devices to track or wipe it down. The most important, however, you need to set it up before something bad happen.

You also able to make your Android Device Manager notification off, such as: mute your location. Well, we will see what this tool can do for you. These are easy steps bellow and you will find out about Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager notification off

Ringing and locking your Android through Internet.

When you had lost your Android, the method to find it really worth if it is on the web. The Android Device Manager website is a simple things and can be used for almost all of web webser that you will use. You need run your PC or tablet then click the link that go to the page. You will need some seconds to wait and see whether your phone had been located and you get several options.

The ring option is not only what you think that it shall do. Rings your phone, even if you do not have the ringer. You can click the button, then choose OK in the pop up menu and you phone will ring with the volume during 5 minutes or you can push the power button to shut off. This is perfect using the map to find your phone.

The lock option will allow you to set up or change your PIN or password in your device. This thing is very useful if you think that anyone may find your phone and you never set up your password.
You can try these things in your phone and go to the Manager Device’s page in any computer. The other things that you friend is able to let you sign as a guest on their Android Device Manager applications. You can give these a try and find the best ways for your phone secure.

If you want get android device manager notification off, you may try to turn off the sharing locations. Because there is no further proper information how to turn off the notifications, so the thief does not that he had been located.


How to Set Up device manager google play

Do you know that Google Play store builds up device manager google play list from your devices? By the time, Google keep add devices that you use with Google account into device list in Google Play Store. Sometimes it makes irrelevant when you sold the device or if you just borrow the device. In addition, you might find that most of them are devices that you are not use or own anymore. There is no harm to your device with this, but if you notice that it is not accurate, and take your space, this will annoyed you when you need to install the new one.  Here is guide to remove Google Play device list.

Device manager google play

Do you know that your old android device are unable to completely removed from Google Play Store archive, but you are able to hide it so the device will no longer exist in device list appearance. With this step will make easier for list navigation, especially when you have dozens of android device in last years. The first step is open Google Play store from browser and click small gear icon on the top right screen and choose “setting” option. Check to “my device” page as this will show your record of device activity in Google Play Store. You are able to see all devices that you have ever log in into Google Play and there also few details from each device in the right.

Next, choose the particular device that it should appear in menu or should not appear by select the option of “visibility” by checking or not checking it. After it click the option “edit” for assign the nickname to your device. By default, Google play store will list gadgets as unknown device. When you signing the nickname, there will be a glance of smartphone and tablet is. After you have renames your device, click the “update” option to save changes you have made. The entire changes are universal that means it will also apply into all properties of Google. This means that the entire devices you set for visible will also renamed into “Compatible device” in Google Play Store list as well as in others setting such as android device manager and others. And just with that’s simple step, you are able to clean up, manage, and reorganize device overview. With this device manager google play guide, you are able to find right smartphone or tablet device you use in Google Play in easier way and faster. It does not matter again how much android device you have before. You can manage it well with this.


How you use android device manager to unlock phone

How you use android device manager to unlock phone when you forgot the password or PIN? The main reason people set up their smartphone with lock screen security is for keeping others people such as your friend or stranger from checking private messages, pictures and data on your phone. In addition, people do not want their data get accessed by others when they get lost their phone such as emails and other sensitive data. However, how if you are not only the one that have access to your phone? Or if you are forgetting pattern or PIN? There is an easy solution for answer this problem without smashing your phone by using Android Device Manager that enabled to your device before you locked out the phone.  Here are guide for unlock you’re your device using android device manager.

Use android device manager to unlock phone

As it is stated before, this is method that only available to do into devices that have enables their android device manager. The first step is visit official site in Sign in into the site using Google login that also use for the locked phone. In the interface of android device manager, choose the device that you want to unlock. Choose “select” option. In the window that appeared then, enter the temporary password. You are not required to enter the recovery message and click the “lock” option again. If the step has successfully done, then there will be a box that confirm the step with option of “ring”, “lock”, and “erase” options. There will be see password field where you should enter new temporary password that next step use android device manager to unlock phone. Now, go to settings on your phone and the disable the temporary password you have enter before. If you have android device manager has not been enabled before, then to unlock your phone you can choose from Google log in.

How if you do not enabled your android device manager before? This step is work for android 4.4 and under to unlock the screen pattern. The first step is enter wrong pattern of screen pattern 5 times. After that, will be a box appears with “forgot pattern” and then enter the backup PIN or using Google account log in. with this step, your phone should be unlocked now. If you still do not have any option with these PIN or Google account log in, then you can try to unlock your phone with custom recovery pattern that requires ZIP pattern that you can find in internet.


Locate your Location use Android Device Manager

Almost all of the phone users may wonder about how to track your phone lost or stolen? How your Android can be found? This is the one of question from the android users that come up in their mind around 80%. The one of solution is use the android device manager that able to locate and remote your any devices that had been lost or stolen. There are several features that very useful to get back your phone. Beside that, you do not worry if your data gets into wrong hand because you able to wipe all your data if your phone had been lost or stolen. The only thing that you should need is the Google account then you need to go to the Android Device Manager web to locate your phone or other devices. This is because this tools not only for one device or phones.

However, in many cases, you may find several difficulties to find your Android if you do not know the proper way. But, the android device manager web or Android Device Manager app will give lighter steps to locate your Android.

Android Device Manager web

How you can locate your phone using Android Device Manager?

The first options, you can try use the Android Device Manager web:

-       You can sign in to your own Google account.

-       If you have more than one device, you can click the arrow next to the device name then you able to select the different device as well.

-       The Android Device Manager will show your approximate location from your device that had selected.

The second option, you can use the Android Device Manager:

If you had the other phone, you can use the Android Device Manager application to find out the devices that had been lost. You should have this application then install in your device if you have plan to use it.

-       On your device, you an open the Android Device Manager Applications.

-       Signed up to your Google account.

-       Then you need to change the device displayed.

-       In your phone: you can swipe along the button that able to see your device.

-       In your tablet: you can tap the arrow next to the device then you can choose the device.

-       The Android Device Manager will show the approximate location from the device that had selected.


Find Your Phone with Google Play Android Device Manager Ring

Google play android device manager ring can be used to find your phone in easier way. Having a Smartphone is considered by many people as one of the basic needs these days. There are various choices of Smartphone that you can find on the market these days. These phones came in various choices of types, specifications, and brand name. Smartphone also uses various different types of OS as well. One of the most common types of OS that are used in Smartphone these days is Android. You can find so many choices of Android phone on the market these days. You also can install various choices of applications and use various features on your Android phone as well.

One of the best features that you can use on your Android phone these days is called Android device manager. This tool is basically a tool that allows you to connect your Android phone with the server that is provided by Google. With this online tool, you will be able to track your Android phone remotely. Other tasks that you can do using this tool is lock your Smartphone remotely, send alert to your phone, and reset your phone’s setting remotely. Tracking your phone using this tool allows you to find your phone easily when you left the phone in certain spot.

Google play android device manager ring

When you can’t find your Android phone, you might feel a little bit disappointed. Sometimes you wish there is a feature that will allow you to know the location of your phone. Well, know you can find your phone easier using this Android device manager tool. When you connect this tool to your Android phone, your phone will be synched with the server and the server will be able to locate your phone when you can’t find it. After that, google play android device manager ring will be plated so that you can hear the ring and can locate your phone easier.

There are several benefits that you can get if you use this tool. The most notable benefit is definitely that you will be able to find your phone without have to use too much effort. Sometimes you might forget where you put your phone. With this device manager, your phone will be easier to be located. Other benefit that you can get if you use this tool is that you can protect your phone in more effective way. When your phone is stolen or missing, you can reset the phone remotely using this tool to protect your personal data. You also can notify other person to find your phone by using google play android device manager ring.      


Remove devices from android device manager

How you remove devices from android device manager? When your device is no longer in your hand due to you have the new one, or you even do not recognize the device, so you are able to remove the device from your Google account by using android device manager. To remove the devices you want, then you need to use phone’s browser and access to From this site go to section on “sign in and security” option, then tap device activity and notification. In the section in “recently used devices” option tap to “review devices” list to see your device list you have been logged into your account before this.  Choose the device that you want to remove and click to icon “remove”.

Remove devices from android device manager

What is android device manager? This is native tool that has great function for help locate and remote the lost or stolen device. When you have android, it is best for set it up using Google account and then when your device get lost or stolen, you are able to locate and find the device by track it from android device manager. Hence, to add your device to android device manager open “settings” app in your device. Tap the screen to “security” option.  Below the android device manager screen, switch the locate remotely to device for allow to remote lock or erase by check to turn on or off option. The erase means that you are able to remove devices from android device manager. This is safest way for keeping your data keep in secure when your phone get lost or stolen. For turn off android device manager, log in into device manager to access. Navigate to apps> Google setting. Tap to security and then tap to following turn on or turn off switches for remotely locate to the device.

In addition to remove the device from android device manager, the next tip also helps you to hide the device that always shows up in the lists. This tip also able you to restrict the access from devices that you do not recognize to Google account. Go to Google Play Store from PC browser and click the setting option. Seek to “My device” that listed all gadgets you register to your account. Go to “visibility” column and check the “show in menu” box and ticked to default. To remove devices from android device manager, click “my device” and uncheck the box.


Quick Review of Android Device Manager Google

Android device manager google is a perfect tool for those of you who want to use your Android phone in more effective and efficient way. Android phone is considered as one of the most popular types of Smartphone that you can find on the market these days. This type of Smartphone is called Android phone because it uses Android OS. People prefer to use Android OS since this type of OS allows you to install and use more applications on your Smartphone. One of the most useful applications that you can use on your Android phone these days is called Android device manager.

This tool is a tool that allows you to manage, control, and track your Smartphone in easier way.
You can get so many benefits of you use this online tool on your Android phone. One of the most notable benefits that you can get if you have this tool on your Android phone is that you will be able to track your phone so that you can find your phone faster and easier. You can also use this android device manager google to lock your Android phone or even reset your phone remotely. So when your phone is missing or stolen, you still can protect your personal data by using this tool.

Android device manager google

Before you can use this tool on your Smartphone, the first thing that you should do is getting this app. You can get this application easily by downloading it from Google Store. Once you’ve downloaded the application, the next thing that you should do is installing this application on your Android phone. The installation process can be done easily and will not take too much time to finish. After the installation process is done, you can use this application immediately. But before you can track your phone or use other features that are available on this application, you need to connect your phone first to the server.

Connecting your phone to the server is as easy as installing Android device manager on your Android phone. To connect your phone, you need to use your Google account. If you don’t have Google account, you need to create new account first. Once your phone is connected, you will be able to use this device manager and all features that are available on this tool. You can track your Android phone using this tool and reset your phone remotely when it gets stolen. To find out more details about this tool, you can read reviews on several websites about android device manager google.

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